Here you'll find artist websites, Links to international galleries & street fan sites etc

Irish Street Artists

There are hundred of Graffiti & Street Artist in Dublin. These are the ones who are most consistantly making works on the street and not just using spray paint and pretending they are street.

Most Irish artist run facebook & flickr( pages and it is often easier to get in touch with them there.




Chris Cunningham

Importantly not the visual artists of Aphlex Twin videos etc



James Early :


Fin Dac


Filth :


Conor Harrington : or :

Heid  :

JOR/ John O'Reily :


Konk :

Maser : or



Sums :

Fintin Switzer

TDA Klann : (Rask/Sums/Maser)

Will St Leger


International Artists (Who have visited Ireland)

Above :

Visited for a Euro cultures event painted "This is not a Gallery" Shutter


Visited during Offset 2012 painted several pieces in Smithfield and Fade Street


Visited for Anewspace/Dublin Contemporary Roadworks project painted at Grand Social & U2 Studio


Visited for Anewspace/Stella Dore painted Angel on Sth William Bar

EL Mac

ESPO/Steve Powers


Visited for Anewspace/Stella Dore


Orthica Noodles


Visited for Anewspace/Dublin Contemporary Roadworks project 

Mark Jenkins

Visited for Anewspace/Dublin Contemporary Roadworks project 

Obey :

Visited during Offset 2012



Visited for a Euro cultures even

Irish Street Art Events  & Websites

All City Jam

All City is the main spray paint suppliers of Montana 094, Hardcore, Belton & many other forms of spray paint, Inks and the various pens and equipment needed to create street art.

It runs a large Jam in April/May in the Tivoli Theatre car park

Kings of Concrete :

While Kings of Concrete has moved to emcompass everything from Skateboards. BMX, Dance and rapping. Painting is a large part of the festival. It tends to be showcase of the Irish scene and has some international guests such as EL Mac

Whitewash :!/whitewashevent

A news event in northern Ireland which changes location and theme International Street Art Festivals

Secret Wars :!/groups/84341441091/


Irish Sites

Irish Street Art : documents urban art from all over Ireland and the world over the past few years. We also aim to keep you up to date with all the latest street art news and events.

Over the past 6months it has gone  off the boil but is still a great resource

 A Visual Fest :

Website of the only Irish street art book

All out design

All Out Design is a graffiti and design collective based in Limerick City. We produce custom murals and graffiti artwork, and host regular exhibitions showcasing the underground art scene in Ireland.

Come here to me : www.

You'll need to take a good look but they have quiet a collection of older graf and street art

Eiresol :

Documenting spraycan art in Ireland since 1997.


Equipment : Paint paint paint

Over the past 5 years there has been in explosion in the availablity of specialist spray paint. There was a time when car paint was the norm.  Now a days Montana Gold is available in most art shops.  However this tend s to be quiet expensive and limited in colors available.  Not to mention knowledge.

I would recomend All City in Temple Bar

It has a large range of colours and brands at very competitive prices

On the other hand you  may need wallpaper paste , emulusion etc I advise any hard ware store for the best deals